Oak + Owl Photography

Braydon is my brother-in-laws cousin and I was so excited they asked me to document their engagement and wedding day! These two have the best sense of humor and spending an afternoon with them and their boy Blue was so much fun.

The Story of Braydon and Miranda:

Our story began on July 7th,2014 at yes… the Calgary Stampede. Braydon, who was living in Cold Lake, AB at the time , training to be a pilot in the Royal Canadian Airforce, was sent to work the military display at the Stampede. Miranda was living in Calgary, working at the salon and went out with her friends for a good ol’ fashion Calgary stampede day.
Miranda spotted the 6’5 hunky pilot, she now knows as Braydon, from across the tent in Nashville North. Conveniently, her friends were already taking pictures with him and his buddy who were sporting their flight suits at the time. Miranda, having had some liquid courage, approached and also got a picture with the “hero”. During the very brief conversation Miranda gave Braydon her number.
Braydon called Miranda the next day and asked her to join him on the coming Friday for a night at the Chuck Wagon races and Grandstand show. Miranda, of course, agreed; And the rest is history!